Hi!  I'm Laurel. 
My first love was books. I read any piece of literature I could get my hands on. My second love was music. I was a member of my junior and senior high school orchestras and jazz band, and from there I cultivated and have maintained an eclectic discography. My third love is film. From Spike Lee to Frank Capra, Hayao Miyazaki to Stanley Kubrick, I’ve seen it all. I’ve learned from and devoured art in all its forms, and in doing so, I've amassed a strangely specific mental library of (debatably) fun and weird facts, stories, and experiences. As a student of art and of design, these facts and stories come to life in my mind, and I've been putting them to paper, page, or screen ever since.
Laurel Dziuba is a character designer and illustrator.
She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta.